Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finally, 6th Edition! First Thoughts.

So at long last my Gamer's Edition has arrived. I've finished reading through the rules and they look really solid so far - quite a few rules have been shaken up, but that's to be expected. I think this'll help greatly to get rid of some of the mech stagnation that 5th fell into.

The other thing I like about the rulebook is the VERY extensive background and hobby sections - the rules are only about 1/6 of the book. In the back there are some neat alternate missions, campaign and terrain ideas which are reminiscent of the 4th Edition book - something I found distinctly lacking in the 5th edition one.

The Munitorum Dice are not extra special, but the las-pack they come in is nifty - I'll probably try and snag the Vehicle Damage Dice and Battlefield Objectives when they come out, keep the red Munitorum dice for markers and such. Might refill one of the las-packs with my brass-pipped Chessex dice (because the Gamer's Ed satchel has handy pockets for the las-packs).

Now the only things I've left to do are keep hammering away at getting my Marines painted, and get some games in! With the power weapon changes, might bring the Terminators back off the shelf... and get the Space Hulk ones painted up to augment my First Company detachment.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Farewell To Fifth - The Final Tally

With only four days left until Sixth is officially released, I'm putting the cap on my running tally of Fifth Edition battle statistics. Of course, I'll update it if I manage to get any games in between now and then. So, for posterity... the annotated tally of war from Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition, 2008-2012.

W/L/D (G)

Revilers 3rd Company
36/34/16 (86)
The Revilers were my main army for 5th, and continue to be. I actually started this army soon after 5th was released, alongside the Black Reach starter set and the latest Space Marine codex. In the last four years, the Third Company has grown from five push-fit Tactical Marines (who all bear gold aquuilae as honour markings) to almost an entire Battle Company (command, six tactical, two devastator, one assault squad) with large detachments from the First and Tenth Companies as well as the Librarius.

A'rynnal Corsairs
4/3/3 (10)
My second army, the Eldar were the army that I brought into 5th Edition. I lost interest in them due to a lack of focus in army planning, however, I would like to revisit them in small-project chunks, building up an Aspect-heavy foot Eldar force.

219th Vigilance Line Infantry
2/1/1 (4)
The 219th Vigilance are a collection of classic metal Imperial Guard models I got secondhand from a family friend. I run them as basic infantry supported by Conscript Platoons, and they see the most action as allies in Apocalypse games.

The Legio Aerayakh
2/0/0 (2)
My first ever army, I hadn't touched my Necrons since I had declared them "finished" at about 2000 points and moved on to Eldar. With the advent of a new codex last November, I brought them out again over the Christmas break and started repainting them in a bold new colour scheme.

157th Aeshaettar Light Infantry
2/0/0 (2)
My own Imperial Guard regiment, recently relegated to "hobby project" status so I can focus more on developing the look and feel of the army rather than building an army to use in standard games. Hopefully in 6th they will see more action as an allied contingent to my Revilers.

The Great Hunt of Svenhag Scar-Foot
0/1/2 (3)
A Space Wolf army list I tried out for a few proxy games. The army's four heroes accounted for fully half of the total points, and it was great fun to try out.

46/39/22 (107)

So I exit 5th edition with a 43% victory record, out of 107 total games played. I hope to better the second statistic in the new edition - and maybe with a little luck, I'll surpass the first as well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sixth Edition Allies Rumours

Sixth edition will allegedly be announced on Saturday, and the rumours are starting to look more concrete.

The only thing that I have anything to say about right now is the rumours of allies... apparently, the allies rules will allow you to "integrate a second FOC" from an allied codex.

If this is true, I might start fielding combined Marines/Guard as a matter of habit. Might even pick up some Vostroyans (to be modelled/painted as Evanturel Highlanders) and do Shrinehold themed armies.

Now, back to painting Scouts for Saturday.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Strike Force Xerius - 1250 Point Space Marine List

So, my FLGW is running a 1250 point tournament next Saturday, and once again the Revilers are making an appearance. My list looks something like this:

+Jump Pack
+Digital Weapons


Tactical Squad [10]
+Heavy Bolter
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad [10]
+Missile Launcher

Scout Squad [10]
+5 Combat Blades
+4 Shotguns

Sternguard Veterans [5]
Drop Pod

+Heavy Flamer
+Extra Armour
Drop Pod

Assault Squad [5]
+Power Weapon

So that means I've got a touch of painting to get done in the next six days. The Chaplain, Assault Marines, one tactical squad, Dreadnought and drop pods are good to go. The Librarian, Sternguard, and Scouts need painting... and the Tactical Squad with the heavy bolter is partially painted.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Strike Force Sabre - Space Marines

In lieu of the Weekend Workbench this week, I've got some shots of the 1000 point army I took to a tourney at my local GW yesterday.

Tactical Squad III, led by Sergeant Dymius.

Tactical Squad I, led by Sergeant Valdis, and containing a returned Deathwatch veteran.

Assault Squad VIII, led by Sergeant Raedix. This squad also has a returned Deathwatch veteran in it, and Raedix's jump pack is embellished with two reliquaries.

Leader of the strike force, Brother-Reclusiarch Behemiel.

Lastly, my first Dreadnought, Brother Gaheris.